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Textbook Construction

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    Just sign up under construction name. The URL on the side goes to the page that you can write/ edit your problems and solution. An example is shown.

    Phase 1: Construction (Name) Phase 2: Evaluation (Name) Phase 3: Reconstruction  Topic
    sofia marino     Alluvial fans
    Santiago Hernandez     Saline Lakes
    Cassandra Springer     Meandering Rivers
    Colin Boisvert     Biostrat
    Taryn Lausch     Turbidites
    Andrew Powell     Chemical Weathering 
    Anna Bamford     Glacier Deposits
    LeAnne Page     Floodplains and Oxbow Lakes
    John Harris     Carbonates - Reefs
    Allison Pang     Braided Rivers
    Kimberly Bowman     dO Chemostrat
    Brian Conway     Freshwater Lakes
    Nicolas DeSalvio     Barrier Islands and Lagoons
    Cassidy Ross     Storms and Shallow Marine Deposits
    Kaelyn McFadden     Tides and Tidal Flats
    Kody Wedell     Physical Weathering
    Walid Aslan     Waves and Beaches
    Serena Lu     Bogs and Marshes
    Sergio Mendoza    


    Adelicia Johnson     Proglacial Lakes & Marine Environs
    Amelia Rutan     Glacial Erosion
    Miguel Plascencia     Tide-influenced Delta
    Monica Martinez     Tides and Shallow Subtidal Environments
    Kaitlin Barrett     Deep Marine Environments
    Chris Mills     Eolian Environments
    Veronica Guerra     Groundwater
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