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15: Deposition

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    • 15.1: Introduction to Deposition
      The topic of deposition is an important one, because, obviously, every sedimentary sequence was deposited somehow. This section is meant to serve as background for our consideration of the current-generated physical sedimentary structures in real sedimentary deposits.
    • 15.2: Modes of Deposition
      This section examines local modes of sediment deposition. Some of these modes may be observable in laboratory experiments or in field studies. Others may be difficult or impossible to observe with present technology, and we can only make deductions or speculations about them. The treatment will be entirely qualitative.
    • 15.3: Why Deposition or Erosion?
      This section provides some background on the basic nature of deposition and erosion. Some of it might seem elementary to you, but a clear understanding of it is fundamental to a productive view of the nature of sediment deposition and erosion. In this section, I will use the terms aggradation for increase in bed-surface elevation during deposition, and degradation for decrease in bed-surface elevation during erosion.

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