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  • 1. Introduction

    Part I. Brittle Deformation
    2. Fractures and Joints
    3. Introduction to Faults
    4. Normal Faults
    5. Thrust Faults
    6. Strike Slip Faults
    7. Stress
    8. Mechanics of Fracturing and Faulting: Experiment and Theory
    9. Mechanics of Natural Fractures and Faults

    Part II. Ductile Deformation
    10. The Description of Folds
    11. Foliations and Lineations in Deformed Rocks
    12. Geometry of Homogeneous Strain
    13. Kinematic Analysis of Folds
    14. Analysis of Foliations and Lineations
    15. Observations of Strain in Deformed Rocks

    Part III. Rheology
    16. Macroscopic Aspects of Rock Deformation: Rheology and Experiment
    17. Microscopic Aspects of Ductile Deformation: Mechanisms and Fabrics
    18. Scale Models and Quantitative Models of Rock Deformation

    Part IV. Regional Associations of Structures
    19. Development of Structures at Active Plate Margins
    20. Anatomy and Tectonics of Orogenic Belts

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