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9.8.2: Accretion of new land

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    Figure 9.36: Accretion of new land (crosses: initial situation, open dots: new equilibrium). From Eqs. and it can be seen that a change in the prism has a larger effect on the equilibrium channel volume than on the equilibrium volume of the outer delta, such that \(a - b > 0\)

    Natural accretion along the borders of the basin, due to the deposition of silt is a very slow process. This process causes a gradual reduction of the tidal prism, see Fig. 9.36. Due to this reduction the channel volume is \(a\ m^3\) too large and the sand volume of the ebb-tidal delta is \(b\ m^3\) too big. This results in a sand demand from outside. Also in this case not all the sand can be supplied from the outer delta and this will be at the expense of the downdrift coast.

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