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1.3: Study goals

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    At DUT, this textbook accompanies the course Coastal Dynamics I. The study goals for Coastal Dynamics I are:

    1. To be able to explain the characteristics of coastal systems on the basis of geotectonics, historic sea-level changes, nature and availability of material and forcing by waves and tides (Chs. 2 and 4);
    2. To be able to assess the expected response of a coastal system in the case of natural or human-induced changes and to explain – in words as well as in equations – and analyse the underlying physical processes, viz. the hydrodynamic forcing of a coastal system, the sediment transport processes and the resulting coastal morphology (Chs. 3 and 5 to 9);
    3. To be able to discuss the nature and complexity of problems a coastal engineer will be faced with regarding coastal protection against flooding and erosion (Chs. 1 and 10, but also Chs. 7 to 9);
    4. To be able to discern various methods for protection against flooding and erosion and to assess their merits and disadvantages for specific situations (Ch. 10).

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