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Geosciences LibreTexts Try Active Listening Yourself

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    Using active listening skills, engage in a conversation with another person about Marcellus Shale. If possible, involve a third person to watch the time and provide feedback.

    Question for discussion:

    What do you think should be done about Marcellus Shale?


    • Person A answers question (2 minutes)
    • Person B paraphrases Person A’s answer (2 minutes)
    • Person B answers question (2 minutes)
    • Person A paraphrases Person B’s answer (2 minutes)
    • Person C watches time, provides feedback

    When paraphrasing, do not share your own opinion. This is not a back-and-forth discussion. This is purely meant to be an exercise in active listening, so put your own thoughts and feelings on hold. Refer to Active Listening Techniques.

    Take notes:

    Take simple notes while listening to help jog your memory for summarizing/restating. This will help to:

    • quiet the voice in your head
    • begin to reframe or neutralize emotion
    • ensure that you can remember what you want to restate

    Debrief questions:

    • How did it go?
    • How well were you able to paraphrase the other person’s views?
    • How well were you able to ‘turn off your own brain’ to listen?
    • 3rd person (if included): What did you see the partners do particularly well? Struggle with?

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