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2.5: Soil Orders

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     1. Classification into a soil order is primarily based on what?



     2. Which soil order is the most highly weathered? Least weathered?



     3. What soil order are you likely to find in wet regions with thermic soil temperatures?



     4. What soil order are you likely to find in moist to dry regions with mesic soil temperatures?



     5. Which two soil orders are defined directly in relation to climate?



     6. Briefly describe each soil order. Include in your description major characteristics and diagnostic features, and locations in the U.S. you are likely to find that order.

    a. Entisol

    b. Inceptisol

    c. Alfisol

    d. Mollisol

    e. Ultisol

    f. Aridisol

    g. Vertisol

    h. Oxisol

    i. Andisol

    j. Spodosol

    k. Histosol

    l. Gelisol

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