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10.5.1: Introduction

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    Structures of which the primary aim is to change the longshore transport rates under both normal and extreme conditions are:

    • Jetties / shore-normal breakwaters;
    • Series of groynes;
    • Detached shore parallel offshore breakwaters (emerged and/or submerged).
    截屏2021-12-13 下午9.48.10.png
    Figure 10.8: Coastal structures in Sitges, Spain. Orthophotos from ICGC obtained in May 2019

    The above mentioned structures can all be observed along a Mediterranean coastal section of about 5 km in Sitges, Spain (Fig. 10.8). Open groyne cells with a spacing of about 500 m can be observed at the northern part of the beach and partly closed cells are present along the southern side of the beach. The harnessed solution with T-head groynes and detached breakwaters on the southern side is necessary to retain the beach sand within the cells (see further Sects. 10.5.3 and 10.5.4).

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