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33: (Case Study) Dino Debates - dinosaur ecological controversies

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    Key Concepts
    • Dinosaurs have many lines of circumstantial evidence that implies social groups, like mass graves and footprints
    • There is still no direct evidence of pack hunting, but there is direct evidence of other hunting strategies
    • Dinosaurs have strong evidence that at least some species had intensive care of their young, including nests and parental help
    • Many dinosaurs might not be separate species or valid due to incomplete remains, sexual dimorphism, and changes to animals as they age
    • Famous examples include Brontosaurus/Apatosaurus, Triceratops/Torosaurus, and Pachycephalosaurus/Stygimoloch/Dracorex
    • Though not every fossil shows impressions of skin or feathers, enough have been found to show how they developed in theropods
    • Recent studies have shown a larger number of species had feathers, though large animals like Tyrannosaurus rex probably were still featherless
    • Dinosaurs have significant evidence that they were not ectothermic (cold blooded), and may have been endothermic (warm blooded)
    • Feathers and their size may have helped dinosaur thermoregulation
    • At the very least, dinosaurs were agile and active animals who could move much more like mammals and birds than lumbering lizards as they were presented prior to the dinosaur renaissance

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