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7.5: Activity 4 - Soil pH and Electrical Conductivity

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    1) Measuring pH:

    a. Add 5 g of each soil type into to sterile cup.

    b. Add 20 mL of DI water

    c. Mix the soil and water until it is a uniform slurry

    d. Use pH meter and place electrode into the slurry

    e. Wait until the reading stabilize

    f. Record pH

    g. Rinse and wipe down meter

    h. Repeat process for all samples

    pH Data-

    Sample ID pH

    2) Measuring EC:

    (Follow procedure for measuring pH)

    EC Data-

    Sample ID EC

    pH and EC questions:

    1. Which soil sample had the highest pH? Lowest?
    2. What range of salinity does each soil sample meet?
    3. If your soil had a pH of 5 what treatment needs to be done so that alfalfa can be planted?
    4. What is the pH range for All Textures for Slightly Saline?

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