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15.2: Activity 15A - Reading and Interpreting geologic Map Symbology

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  • 1. Why do geologists take strike and dip measurements?

    2. What tools are used, in the field & in the lab, to measure strike and dip?

    3. Define the following terms:

    a. Strike:

    b. Dip:

    4. Label the 3 parts of the following map symbol:


    Figure 15.23: Figure for Question 4 in Part 15A.

    5. Interpret each strike & dip symbol in Figure 15.24. Assume north is to the top of the page. Use the format: strike, dip angle, dip direction. See the example for how to write this successfully.

    Figure 15.24: Figure for Question 5 in Part 15A.

    6. Name the geologic structure indicated by each of the following map symbols:

    Figure 15.25: Figure for Question 6 in Part 15A.


    • Figure 15.23: “Strike and Dip Practice” (CC-BY; Chloe Branciforte, own work)
    • Figure 15.24: “Strike and Dip Practice” (CC-BY; Chloe Branciforte, own work)
    • Figure 15.25: “Fold Symbols” (CC-BY; Chloe Branciforte, own work)
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