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14.3: Activity 14B - Relative Dating of Rocks

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    Figure 14.23: Rainbow Basin Syncline near Barstow, California. Image used for question 1 of Activity 14B.

    1. Examine the above image (Figure 14.23) from Rainbow Basin, near Barstow, California. Notice the rocks are bent and tilted into a syncline (fold). Using the Geologic Principles, relative dating terminology, and your observations of the rock layers, discuss when the folding event likely happened.
    Figure 14.24: Generalized stratigraphy of the Grand Canyon. All rocks are sedimentary. Unconformities are in yellow. Contacts between layers are in white. Image used for question 2 of Activity 14B.

    2. The image above (Figure 14.24) is from a section of the Grand Canyon. Place the following geologic events in correct order, from oldest to youngest. Support your answers using the Geologic Principles.

    • Muav Limestone
    • Sedimentary rocks of the Grand Canyon Supergroup
    • Tilting event
    • Unconformity Z
    • Unconformity X
    • Tapeats Sandstone
    • Sedimentary rocks of the Supai Group
    • Bright Angel Shale


    • Figure 14.23: “Rainbow Basin” (Public Domain; Mark Wilson, Department of Geology, The College of Wooster via Wikipedia)
    • Figure 14.24: Derivative of “Grand Canyon” (CC-BY 2.0; James St. John via Flickr) by Chloe Branciforte

    This page titled 14.3: Activity 14B - Relative Dating of Rocks is shared under a not declared license and was authored, remixed, and/or curated by Chloe Branciforte & Emily Haddad (ASCCC Open Educational Resources Initiative) .