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13.6: Activity 13E- Metamorphic Rock Identification

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  • Use the metamorphic rock samples provided by your instructor for this section. If the rock is foliated, fill out the 2nd column, skip the 3rd, and move on to the 4th and 5th columns. If the rock is non-foliated, skip the 2nd column, fill out the 3rd, 4th and 5th columns.

    Sample Number

    Is the rock foliated (F)?

    What is the grain size (very fine, fine, medium, coarse)

    Identify any index minerals present.

    Is the rock non-foliated (NF)?

    What is the composition?

    Are minerals coarse or fine?

    Metamorphic rock name

    Identify metamorphic grade.

    low, intermediate, high

    Identify a possible protolith


    • Table 13.4: “Metamorphic Rock Chart” (CC-BY 4.0; Chloe Branciforte, own work)