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12.4: Activity 12C - Karst Topography and Topographic Maps

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    Figure 12.10: Topographic map to use in questions 1 & 2 of Activity 12C.

    1. Locate the unnamed river to the northwest of S Toohey Ridge Road. In which direction does this river flow?

    a. How can you tell?

    2. Follow the creek along its path. Where does it wind up?

    a. How can you tell?

    3. Using the browser version of Google Earth, search for 28 38 01.92N 81 22 44.78W and zoom out to an eye altitude of 13,000 ft. How were these lakes likely formed?

    a. they were human-made – all are dammed

    b. they are formed by large rivers in the area

    c. as sinkholes, as underlying soluble rock was dissolved and areas collapsed

    d. they are impact structures that filled with water

    4. What type of bedrock is likely present in this area?

    a. How can you tell?


    • Figure 12.10: “Mammoth Cave Quadrangle” (CC-BY 4.0; Chloe Branciforte via USGS TopoView)