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10.4: Activity 10C - Mass Wasting in California

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    1. Watch this video highlighting mass wasting in Yosemite National Park.
      1. Which mass wasting type is common in Yosemite?
      2. What is one of the likely causes of mass wasting in the park? Hint: consider the rock type and appearance.
      3. How does the park geologist determine which boulders are older vs. younger?
    2. Navigate to this USGS page, and watch a GIF illustrating the Mud Creek landslide which impacted Highway-1 between 2017-2018. What type of landslide does this appear to be?
      1. How can you tell?
    3. Open the browser version of Google Earth and fly to 34°21'53.78"N, 119°26'41.90"W. Zoom out to an eye altitude (Camera) of 1,800 ft. What type of mass wasting is this?
      1. How can you tell?
    4. This area has experienced two major mass wasting in the last 30 years (1995 and 2005). Does the area appear stable?
      1. Why or why not?
    5. Next, fly to Portuguese Bend, CA. You will need to zoom in and out and move along the coast here. Does the area appear stable?
      1. What features or signs support your conclusion?

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