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1.2: Activity 1A - Thinking Like a Geoscientist

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  • The Earth System, is the connection and interaction of five major spheres or reservoirs, including the hydrosphere, atmosphere, cryosphere, biosphere, and geosphere. Some geoscientists may even include a sixth sphere, called the exosphere.

    1. In your own words, describe the Earth System. What is included within the system of the Earth?

    2. In the table below are the five spheres (reservoirs) of the Earth System. What items of the Earth System have you encountered this week? Place each item in its appropriate reservoir and indicate whether it is a solid (S), liquid (L), or gas (G).

    Atmosphere Hydrosphere Cryosphere Biosphere Geosphere
    1. Was identifying these items challenging? Why or why not?

    2. Based on your observations from Question 2, determine what you believe is the common or typical state of matter (solid, liquid, or gas) for materials in each reservoir. Record your hypotheses in the table below.

    Atmosphere Hydrosphere Cryosphere Biosphere Geosphere
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