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2.8: Tsunami Risk and Hazard Mitigation

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    So far we've talked about the physics of tsunamis and you have investigated tsunami data and made some calculations about tsunami speeds. What's the current state of the art in terms of tsunami risk and hazard mitigation? Where are some other sites in the Atlantic Ocean where tsunamigenic potential lurks?

    Readings relevant to the paper assignment

    The following readings are either freely available online if they are linked from this page, or if they are not in the public domain then they are linked from Canvas. You should at least skim these articles because they deal with potential Atlantic Ocean tsunamigenic sites.

    屏幕快照 2019-12-01 下午9.35.41.png

    The following readings will help you become conversant with the way tsunami warning systems work, and what has been done since the 2004 Sumatra-Andaman tsunami:

    • Pacific Tsunami Warning Center History
      National Weather Service, Pacific Tsunami Warning Center.
      Accessed: 2010-09-13.
    • Pacific Tsunami Warning Center Responsibilities
      National Weather Service, Pacific Tsunami Warning Center.
      Accessed: 2010-09-13.
    • Tsunami-Forecasting System Tested by Recent Subduction-Zone Earthquakes
      Geist, Eric, Titov, Vasily, Kelly, Annabel, and Gibbons, Helen. USGS, Sound Waves.
      Accessed: 2008-03-12.
    • Gower, J., & Gonzalez, F. (2006). U.S. warning system detected the Sumatra tsunami. Eos, 87(10), 105, 108.
    • Tracking Tsunamis (2009) AGU video
    • Schiermeier, Q. (2009). Tsunami Watch. Nature, 462, 968-969.

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