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9.11: Lab Exercise (Part E)

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    Part E - Volcanic Hazards

    Potential hazards associated with certain volcanic types can be identified using topographic maps or aerial photographs. In this exercise, we will use Google Earth.

    20. Type Mount St. Helens, WA in the search bar in Google Earth and examine the crater at an eye altitude of ~26,000 ft. Based on the appearance of the crater:

    a. a lahar removed the north side of the volcano

    b. a pyroclastic eruption removed the north side of the volcano

    c. a lava dome grew so large that it is higher than the north side of the crater

    d. a glacier has eroded the north side of the crater


    21. Type Mount Rainier, WA in the search bar in Google Earth. The Carbon River flows from the north part of Mount Rainier (fed by meltwater from the Carbon Glacier on the flank of the volcano). At an eye altitude of ~20,000ft, follow the course of the Carbon River, past the town of Carbonado and stop at the town of Orting. Based on the locations of these two towns, which do you think is in danger from a lahar?

    a. Both are in danger of lahars

    b. Carbonado, because it is closer to Mount Rainier

    c. Orting, because it is in a low lying area along Carbon River

    d. Neither one is in danger because Mount Rainier is dormant

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