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5.11: Activity 3 - Soil Water Movement

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    At your lab bench you will have 3 different soil texture classes (soils A, B, C) arranged in a funnel that has been prepared with a filter at the bottom. You will add a designated amount of water (50 mL) to each of the soil samples and record the time it takes before you see water move through the other end. After 2 minutes has passed you will also measure the amount of water that flowed through the soil into the catchment beaker. Record all observations below and answer the following questions:

    SOIL A \(\rightarrow\) Time = Volume water that flowed through =
    SOIL B \(\rightarrow\) Time = Volume water that flowed through =
    SOIL C \(\rightarrow\) Time = Volume water that flowed through =
    1. Out of the following textures below, please indicate which was SOIL A, B, or C.
      • Sand =
      • Silty Clay Loam =
      • Clay =
    2. Which texture class did the water move through the fastest? The slowest?
    3. Why do you think this occurred?
    4. What is a practical application of this method? (Aka why would you want to know this specific information about the soil?)