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1.4: Activity 3 - Soil Color

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    Read through and complete the following activity and questions. All questions should be answered and completed labs are due at the end of the laboratory period. No late work will be accepted.

    1) Obtain a Munsell Color Book.

    2) Become familiar with the hue, value, chroma, and the name designations.

    3) Turn the pages until the page (hue) approximates the overall soil color.

    4) Determine the color of the soil samples on the laboratory bench. Record both the Munsel color notation and color name on the appropriate line below.

    5) Compare the color chips in the Munsell Color Book with the color of the dry soil.

    Dry Soil

    Munsel Color Notation

    Color Name


    6) Moisten the soil and determine its Munsell Color in this new moisture condition. Record results on the appropriate line below.

    Moist Soil

    Munsel Color Notation

    Color Name


    1) In what way did wetting each soil affect its color?

    2) Which color notation (hue, value or chroma) is most affected by wetting the soil?

    Screen Shot 2021-06-22 at 11.45.17.png

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