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    Abella, Sally

    acceleration: peak horizontal acceleration; strong-motion instrument

    accretionary wedge

    Adams, John Adel, Oregon, Earthquakes of 1968

    aftershocks; aftershock or foreshock? See also foreshock

    Alaska, Gulf of, Earthquake of 1964; liquefaction accompanying; tectonic subsidence; tsunami accompanying, see tsunami

    Allen, Clarence

    Allen, Richard


    Archuleta, Ralph

    asteroid impact probability


    Astoria Submarine Canyon and Channel

    Atwater, Brian



    Bakun, Bill

    Barberopoulou, Aggeliki

    basalt. See also Columbia River Basalt

    base isolation

    Basin and Range

    Beeson, Marvin

    Bellevue, Washington, earthquake program

    benchmark, survey

    Bend, Oregon, faults

    Benioff zone earthquakes. See slab earthquakes

    Bentley, Bob

    Blakely, Rick

    Blanco Fracture Zone

    Bonneville Landslide

    Bourgeois, Joanne

    Bradley Lake, Oregon

    Brady, Brian

    bridges, damage to

    British Columbia earthquake programs

    brittle-ductile transition

    brittle fracture

    brittle structures

    Brocher, Tom

    Browning, Iben

    Bruer, Wes

    Bucknam, Bob

    building codes; increased cost for earthquake strengthening; International Building Code; lives vs. property protection; National Building Code of Canada. See also Uniform     Building Code; California building codes; Oregon Structural Specialty Code

    buried forests and marshes. See Cascadia Subduction Zone

    Burns, Scott




    California Alquist-Priolo Act

    California building codes. See also building codes

    California Geological Survey (formerly Division of Mines and Geology); Strong Motion Instrumentation Program

    California Earthquake Hazard Reduction Program

    California Earthquake Authority

    California Office of Emergency Services: Disaster Office; California Seismic Safety Commission

    California Seismic Mapping Act

    Caltrans Campbell, Newell

    Canadian government-sponsored earthquake research. See also Geological Survey of Canada; Pacific Geoscience Centre

    Cape Mendocino Earthquake of 1992. See Petrolia Earthquake

    Carson, Bob

    Carver, Deborah

    Carver, Gary

    Cascade volcanoes

    Cascadia deep-sea channel

    Cascadia Earthquake of A.D. 1700; tsunami

    Cascadia earthquakes, pre-A.D. 1700

    Cascadia Region Earthquake Workgroup

    Cascadia Subduction Zone; acceleration due to earthquake on, 195-97, 216; deterministic forecast on; eastward-convex arch; insurance against, 234; marsh evidence for earthquakes; probabilistic forecast on

    Central Nevada Seismic Zone

    Chelan, Washington, Earthquake of 1951

    Chi-Chi, Taiwan, Earthquake of 1999

    Chile Earthquake of 1960; tsunami in Japan

    chimney damage

    China, earthquake predictions

    Coalinga Earthquake of 1983

    Coast Range

    Cocos Plate

    Columbia River Basalt

    Community Internet Intensity Map

    connection failure

    Continental shelf

    Coos Bay, Oregon, buried marshes

    Copalis River, Olympic Peninsula

    Coppersmith, Kevin

    Corvallis Fault


    Creager, Ken

    Crescent City, California, tsunami of 1964

    cripple wall

    critical facility

    Crosson, Robert

    crust of the Earth; continental crust; oceanic crust; brittle crust; ductile crust



    Dam, Van Norman

    Darrington-Devils Mountain Fault

    Deming, Washington, Earthquake of 1990

    Denali, Alaska, Earthquake of 2002

    design of large structures: base isolation; bridges and overpasses; special problems

    disclosure requirements

    Dragert, Herb

    duck, cover, and hold

    ductile deformation

    ductile structures

    Duvall, Washington, Earthquake of 1996



    earthquake hazard maps; in California; of Oregon cities; of Seattle and Olympia; of Victoria, BC

    earthquakes: characteristic; cluster; control of; drills; education; implementation and outreach; interaction among faults; loss of market share due to; media response to;     precursors; preparedness for; recurrence of; resistance to, for large buildings; slow earthquakes;

    earthquake engineering; engineering geologist; Earthquake Engineering Research Institute; performance-based

    East Pacific Rise

    elasticity; elastic deformation; elastic rebound

    Ellsworth, Bill


    excavations across faults

    Explorer Plate; earthquakes in

    Explorer Ridge



    Fairweather, Alaska, Earthquake, and landslide of 1958

    Farallon Plate

    Faris, Roger

    fault: blind; dip-slip; displacement; fault-plane solution; fault map of Oregon; normal; reverse; strike-slip; surface rupture; thrust; transform. See also slip rate on faults

    Federal Response Plan

    FEMA. See U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency

    Filson, John

    floods of 1996

    focus; focal depth


    forecasting, earthquake; deterministic; probabilistic; probability forecast for San Francisco Bay region; time of increased [earthquake] probability


    foundation, bolting to

    fracture zones

    Fraser River Delta



    Geller, Robert


    geologic time

    Geological Survey of Canada

    geotechnical engineering

    glacial ice caps; lowered sea level because of Global Positioning System (GPS); Pacific Northwest Geodetic Array (PANGA); Western Canada Deformation Array

    Goldfinger, Chris

    Gorda Plate; earthquakes in

    Gorda Ridge

    Gower, Howard

    grading ordinances. See also Uniform Building Code granite

    Grant, Wendy

    Greece, earthquake prediction

    Griffin, Wally

    Griggs, Gary

    ground displacement, engineering against

    Gulf of California spreading center

    Gutenberg-Richter relationship; for Puget Sound-Georgia Strait region



    Hanford Nuclear Reservation; Basalt Waste Isolation Project

    hanging wall

    Harris, Ruth

    hazard; vs. peril; vs. risk

    Heaton, Tom

    Hebgen Lake, Montana, Earthquake and landslide of 1959

    Heceta Bank, Oregon

    Hemphill-Haley, Eileen

    Hemphill-Haley, Mark

    highway leveling


    home retrofit against earthquakes; preparedness

    Hope, B.C., landslide of 1965

    hospitals, damage to

    Humboldt Bay, California

    Hull, Don

    Hurricanes: Andrew; Isabel

    hydrophone arrays. See T-phase waves

    Hyndman, Roy

    hypocenter. See focus



    Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology

    Indian Earthquake of 1897

    Indians. See Native Americans


    Institute of Building and Home Safety

    insurance, earthquake; adverse selection; capacity; catastrophic; claims; computer models; cost-based; deductible; government intervention; homeowners’ insurance; indemnity; liability; Natural Disaster Coalition; premium; probable maximum loss; proof of loss; reinsurance; reserves; risk; state department of insurance; surplus; underwriting

    intensity; intensity scale

    inventory, home



    Jackson, Dave

    Jacoby, Gordon

    Jahns, Richard

    Japan: civilization; government-sponsored earthquake research; tsunamis

    Jibson, Randy

    Johnson, Sam

    Juan de Fuca Plate

    Juan de Fuca Ridge

    Juan de Fuca submarine canyon



    Kagan, Yan

    Kanamori, Hiroo

    Karlin, Bob

    Keefer, David

    Keilis-Borok, V. I.

    Kelsey, Harvey

    Klamath Falls, Oregon, Earthquakes of 1993: landslides and rockfalls

    Kobe, Japan, Earthquake of 1995

    Krakatau, Indonesia, eruption and tsunami of 1883

    Kulm, LaVerne



    Lake Washington: trees beneath; sediment cores in

    Landers, California, Earthquake of 1992

    landslides; induced by heavy rains; submarine. See also rockslides

    lateral spread

    Law of Large Numbers. See also insurance

    Liberty, Lee

    LiDAR mapping

    Lima, Peru, Earthquake of 1981, prediction

    Lindh, Allan



    Little Salmon Fault


    Loma Prieta Earthquake, vii; attempts to forecast; foreshocks; liquefaction accompanying

     Long Beach, California, Earthquake of 1933

    Los Angeles Basin

    Ludwin, Ruth



    Macelwane, James

    Mad River Fault

    Madin, Ian

    magnitude, intensity magnitude, moment magnitude, surface-wave magnitude. See also Richter magnitude

    magnitude 8 vs. 9 at Cascadia

    Malone, Steve


    manufactured homes

    maps: of earthquake hazard, see earthquake hazard maps; of tsunami hazard, see tsunami

    marine platform. See wave-cut platform

    masonry grades. See also unreinforced masonry

    maximum considered (credible) earthquake

    Mazzotti, Stephan

    McCrory, Pat

    McKay, Mary

    McNeill, Lisa

    Mendocino Fracture Zone; earthquakes in; triple junction

    Merten, Diane

    Mexico City Earthquake: of 1978, of 1985

    Mid-Atlantic Ridge

    Miller, Meghan

    Milton-Freewater, Oregon, Earthquake of 1936

    Minor, Rick

    Missoula floods

    Mitchell, Clifton

    mitigation, 300 mobile homes. See manufactured homes

    Modoc Point, Oregon, rockfall

    Mt. Mazama eruption and ash

    Mt. Rainier: mudflows

    seismic zone

    Mt. St. Helens; network; rock avalanche and mudflow; seismic zone

    Moho discontinuity

    Mohoroviˇci´c, Andrija

    Mount Angel Fault



    Nábeˇlek, John

    Nankai, Japan, Subduction Zone; Tokai prediction experiment

    NASA. See U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration

    National Earthquake Prediction Evaluation Council

    National Fire Protection Association (NFPA 5000)

    National Institute of Building Sciences

    National Science Foundation. See U.S. National Science Foundation

    Native Americans; Bridge of the Gods legend; buried campsite; Seattle Fault stories

    NAVSTAR satellites. See Global Positioning System neighborhood plan

    Nelson, Alan

    Nelson, Hans

    Neumann, Frank

    Newell, Chuck

    New Madrid, Missouri, Earthquake of 1990, prediction

    New Zealand: Earthquake Commission; earthquake insurance

    Nisqually Earthquake of 2001

    NOAA. See U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

    Nootka Fracture Zone

    North America Plate

    North Anatolian Fault, Turkey

    North Cascades Earthquake of 1872

    Northridge Earthquake of 1994, vii; media coverage of

    Nuclear test-ban compliance



    Obermeier, Steve

    Olsen, Kim

    Olympic Mountains

    Olympic-Wallowa Lineament

    Oregon Academy of Sciences

    Oregon-California Border Earthquake of 1873

    Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries

    Oregon Department of Transportation

    Oregon Office of Emergency Management

    Oregon Natural Hazards Workgroup

    Oregon Seismic Safety Policy Advisory Commission

    Oregon State University baccalaureate core curriculum, vii-viii Oregon Structural Specialty Code

    Oroville, California, Earthquake of 1975

    Othello, Washington, earthquake swarm of 1987

    Owens Valley, California, Earthquake of 1872



    Pacific Geoscience Centre

    Pacific Northwest Seismograph Network

    Pacific Plate


    Palmdale Bulge

    PANGA. See Global Positioning System

    Parkfield, California, forecast

    Pasco Basin, Washington

    Personius, Stephen

    Peru Earthquake and landslide of 1970

    Peterson, Curt

    Petrolia, California, Earthquake of 1992

    Pezzopane, Silvio

    Plafker, George

    plate tectonics

    Pleasant Valley, Nevada, Earthquake of 1915

    Pleistocene Epoch. See also glacial ice caps

    Portland, Oregon, earthquakes of 1877 and 1962

    Portland Hills Fault

    Pratt, Tom

    prediction, earthquake

    Presidential Major Disaster Declaration

    Preston, Leiph

    Priest, George

    Pringle, Pat

    probability curve. See forecasting

    psychological issues with earthquakes

    Puget Sound slab earthquakes; of 1939, 1949, 1965; lack of aftershocks; landslides accompanying. See also Nisqually Earthquake, Satsop Earthquake



    Queen Charlotte Fault



    radar interferometry

    radiocarbon dating; reservoir correction

    Rasmussen, Norm

    Red Cross

    red-tagged and yellow-tagged buildings

    Redwood Coast Earthquake Study Group

    Reid, Harry

    resonance (tuning fork) problem

    retrofit; of historic buildings

    Richter, Charles: Richter magnitude scale

    risk. See hazard, insurance

    Rivera Plate

    rock site

    rockslides, earthquake-induced: Olympic Peninsula, Ribbon Cliffs, Washington. See also Modoc Point

    Rogers, Garry

    Rogue River Submarine Canyon



    San Andreas Fault; prehistoric earthquakes on; 1857 Fort Tejon Earthquake

    San Fernando Earthquake of 1971. See Sylmar Earthquake

    San Francisco Earthquake of 1906; insurance claims

    sand dikes; at Centralia, Washington; sand boils and sand blows

    Santa Barbara, California, Earthquake of 1925

    Satake, Kenji

    Satsop, Washington, Earthquake of 1999

    Savage, Jim

    schools: building codes for; damage to; preparedness plans and retrofits

    Schuster, Bob

    Schwartz, Dave

    Scotts Mills, Oregon, Earthquake of 1993

    SDART (Seattle) program

    Seattle Fault: earthquake of A.D. 900-930; seismic waves focused on; tsunami from


    seismic gap theory

    seismic safety element of general plan

    seismic sea wave. See tsunami

    seismic waves; attenuation; P waves; S waves; surface vs. body waves

    seismic zones (for building codes)


    seismograph: Gonzaga College, Wood-Anderson

    Seismological Society of America


    shear walls

    Sherrod, Brian

    Sherrod, Dave

    shoreline angle

    side-scan sonar

    Simpson, Bob

    Sixes River, Oregon

    slab earthquakes: rare aftershocks

    slip rate on faults

    Slosson’s Law

    soft story

    soil site

    soils engineer. See geotechnical engineering

    SOSUS. See T-phase waves

    South American tsunami earthquakes

    Southern California Earthquake Center

    Southern Whidbey Island Fault

    South Sister volcano, uplift

    Sovanco Fracture Zone

    space-based geodesy. See Global Positioning System

    Spence, William

    Spokane, Washington, earthquake swarm of 2001

    spreading centers

    Spring Break Quake. See Scotts Mills Earthquake

    Standard Penetration Test

    state of the art vs. standard of practice

    Steens Mountain, Oregon

    Stein, Ross

    Steinbrugge, Karl

    Stonewall Bank, Oregon, anticline



    strong ground motion

    structural engineering. See earthquake engineering

    Stuiver, Minze

    subduction zone. See also Cascadia Subduction Zone

    submarine canyon

    submarine channel

    Sylmar (San Fernando Valley) Earthquake of 1971




    T-phase waves

    Tacoma Fault

    tidal wave. See tsunami

    Toe Jam Hill Fault

    Toppenish Ridge, Washington

    transform fault

    tree-ring dating

    tsunami: before 1964; CREST; deep-sea pressure gauge; directivity of; effects of sea-floor configuration; hazard maps; in Hawaii; Japanese characters for; logo; long-period     waves; National Tsunami Hazard Mitigation Program; of 1964; surfing a; sounds of. See also U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

    Tualatin Basin




    uncertainty principle

    Uniform Building Code. See also building codes

    United Policyholders, Inc.

    U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

    U.S. Bureau of Reclamation

    U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey. See U.S. National Geodetic Survey

    U.S. Department of Energy

    U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

    U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA): Disaster Mitigation Act of 2000; Federal Insurance Administration; HAZUS; as part of Department of Homeland Security;     Project Impact

    U.S. Geological Survey: Advanced National Seismic System; external grants program; Puget Sound-Portland program

    U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA): Jet Propulsion Lab; Earth Systems Enterprise. See also Global Positioning System

    U.S. National Earthquake Hazard Reduction Program

    U.S. National Geodetic Survey

    U.S. National Geophysical Data Center

    U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology

    U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA): National Undersea Research Program; seafloor mapping; tsunami warning systems

    U.S. National Science Foundation: earthquake engineering research centers; Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation; Ocean Sciences Directorate

    U.S. Navy

    U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission

    U.S. Small Business Administration

    U.S. Weather Bureau University of California, Berkeley seismic network

    University Navstar Consortium

    unreinforced masonry (URM)

    utility lines



    VAN prediction method

    Vancouver Island, earthquake of 1918; earthquake of 1946

    Vere-Jones, D.

    Very Long Baseline Interferometry



    Wang, Kelin

    Washington Department of Transportation

    Washington Division of Geology and Earth Resources

    Washington Growth Management Act

    Washington State Emergency Management Division

    water heater, strapping

    wave amplitude: frequency; period; wavelength

    wave-cut platform

    Wecoma Fault

    Weldon, Ray

    Wentworth, Carl

    Werner, Ken

    West Point, Seattle, trench

    Western Canada Deformation Array. See Global Positioning System

    Western States Seismic Policy Council

    Whitcomb, Jim

    Willapa Bay, Niawiakum Estuary of: active syncline

    Wilson, Joseph

    Wong, Ivan

    Woodburn, Oregon, earthquake swarm of 1990

    Working Group on California Earthquake Probabilities






    Yakima Fold Belt

    Yamaguchi, Dave

    Yount, Jim



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