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8.8: How Does Air Pressure Relate to Weather?

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    How does air pressure relate to weather?

    Increasing high pressure (above 1000 millibars) corresponds with clear, sunny weather.
    Decreasing pressure (below 1000 millibars) corresponds with cloudy, rainy weather.

    Highest barometric pressure (record):
    1084 millibars (32.01 inches of mercury)
    Agata, northern Siberia, on December 31, 1968.
    The weather was clear and very cold at the time, with temperatures between -40° and -58°
    Lowest barometric pressure (record):
    870 millibars (25.69 inches of mercury)
    West of Guam (Pacific Ocean) on October 12, 1979 In the eye of Super Typhoon Tip which involved wind speeds of 165 knots (305 km/h; 190 mph).
    Why does San Diego have the best weather in the US?

    Highest air pressure: 1033 millibars (February, 1883)
    Lowest air pressure: 987 millibars (January, 2010)

    This is the lowest range in the United States! (46 mb)!
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