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  • Coastal Erosion Resources (and some other general coastal processes resources encountered while researching):

    1. -- general information on the topic
    2. -- has some excellent animations of longshore drift etc. Other pages on the site would also be excellent sources of information, such as this page about sediment flux.
    3. video may be useful (haven't actually watched it, but it's supposed to include some time lapse sequences of coastal erosion)
    4. collection of animations related to lots of different coastal processes, not just erosion
    5. about erosion in Monterey Bay
    6. stopping erosion -- this source is more about policy than actual ocean science
    7. methods of preventing erosion
    8. lots more about preventing beach erosion
    9. more stabilization, includes information on methods other than building crazy structures
    10. huge amount of information about coastal erosional processes in general
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