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19.3: Activity 19B- Identifying Continental Glacier Landforms

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  • 1. Identify the depositional glacial landforms on the topographic map below.

    a. What type of glacier likely formed these landforms? Why?

    Figure 19.27: Landforms for Question 1 in Activity 19B.

    2. What type of moraine is pictured at the yellow arrow below?

    Figure 19.28: Moraine for Question 2 in Activity 19B.

    3. Which types of moraines are pictured below?

    a. At A:

    b. At B:

    Figure 19.29: Moraines for Question 3 in Activity 19B.


    • Figure 19.27: “Continental Glacier Landforms” (CC-BY 4.0; Chloe Branciforte via Earth Point)

    • Figure 19.28: “060727-693” (CC-BY 2.0; USFS via Flickr)​

    • Figure 19.29: “060727-693” (CC-BY 2.0; USFS via Flickr)​
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