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6.3: Activity 6B - Liquefaction

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    Launch the EQ Zapp: California Earthquake Hazards Zone. Turn off all layers except for liquefaction.

    1. What color is used to signify a liquefaction zone on this map?

    2. A significant earthquake hits while you are visiting friends in San Mateo, California. During the shaking you find yourself caught indoors. Where would you rather be caught indoors?

      1. US Social Security Administration Building (800 S Claremont Street, San Mateo)

      2. or San Mateo Park Rangers (1901 J Hart Clinton Drive, San Mateo)


    1. The opportunity to move to the Bay Area of California arises, and you are planning to live in the Oakland/Alameda region. After learning about earthquakes in your physical geology class, you want to ensure you are prepared for the inevitable. Part of your preparation is to consider the location of your future home, school, and hospital. To ensure you are ready for the inevitable earthquake, you prepare by learning where important services and places are located. You also consider the risks of these places/locations. In the event you or someone in your family needs to visit the hospital, which one would you prefer to visit?

      1. Highland Hospital (1411 E 31st Street, Oakland)

      2. or Alameda Hospital (2070 Clinton Ave, Alameda)


    1. Check with your instructor for another location. They may ask you to enter your home or school address in the search bar. Is this new location in a designated liquefaction zone?

      1. Yes

      2. No

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