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3.5: Activity 3D- Mineral Identification Chart

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  • Procedure: How to Fill Out the Chart Below

    • Sample number: Write the sample number for the mineral in this column.
    • Color & Clarity: What is the outward color of the mineral? What is the clarity of the mineral?
    • Luster: Does the sample exhibit metallic or non-metallic luster? If it has a non-metallic luster can a more descriptive term be applied, for example, glassy, waxy, pearly, etc.
    • Crystal form: If present, describe the crystal form. Rhombohedron, dodecahedron, hexagonal, etc.
    • Streak: What color is the streak?
    • Hardness: What is the approximate hardness? Using less than (<) or greater than (>) symbols with the common tools on the Mohs scale can be helpful here.
    • Breakage: What breakage does the sample exhibit? Does it have fracture or cleavage? If the sample has cleavage, describe the number of planes and the degree of intersection.
    • Other properties: Does the sample have any other or unique properties? Consider heft, feel, tenacity, effervescence, magnetism, taste, smell, fluorescence.

    Once all properties have been gathered, they can be used to identify the mineral by name.

    Sample # Visual Properties Testable Properties Mineral Name
    Color & Clarity Luster Crystal form Streak color Hardness Breakage Other properties (heft, feel, tenacity, effervescence, magnetism, taste, smell, fluorescence, other)
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