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2.4: Activity 2C- Reading a Topographic Map of Yosemite Valley

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    Figure 2.23: Topographic Map of Yosemite Falls, California.

    1. Determine the contour interval of the map. Show your work.

    2. Locate Yosemite Creek. In which direction does Yosemite Creek flow?

    3. How were you able to determine the streamflow direction?

    4. In general, where are the steepest areas on this map?

      • North

      • South

    5. In general, where are the lower elevations on this map?

      • North

      • South

    6. If you wanted to take an easy hike with your family, would you select the Upper Yosemite Falls Trail or the Valley Loop Trail? Why would you make this choice?


    • Figure 2.23: Derivative of “Yosemite Falls Quadrangle 7.5-Minute Series (2018)” (Public Domain, USGS) by Chloe Branciforte