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Bogs and Marshes

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    [insert photo here]

    Intro to bogs and marshes

    - what are they? why are they important? Functions of bog/marshes? What are the answers to these questions?

    - General location of bogs/marshes with relation to other environments

      [insert satellite view/sketch here]

    - Add in some example locations


    Sediment Transport Processes

    Flow characteristics within bogs and marshes What are the flow characteristics? Generally, they have very low flow and mostly accumulate organic matter, so you want to be sure to include the growth of plants even though that isn't specifically "sediment transport" - I now see that you have this in the characteristics of deposited sediment, which is good.

    What kind of sediment carried through this environment?

    - sed structures and examples There is a huge amount of bioturbation from roots, etc. However, the details vary depending on how much oxygen gets into the sediment.


    Characteristics of Deposited Sediments

    What grain sizes are typical of this environment?

    Relatively low flow velocity here

    - what does this mean about deposited seds

    - organic material

    - carbon sink

    Sed structures

    [insert examples of sed structures in this environment]

    Vertical facies for environment

    - changes through time?

    [insert sketch/ strat column here]


    Case Studies and Significance

    Discuss some relevant studies

    -maybe try to link in current environmental issues? e.g. loss of habitats, marsh rot


    Additional Reading

    Some links for additional reading if reader is interested in topic