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15.11: Rocky Intertidal Zonation

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    Rocky Intertidal Zonation

    Species are either:
    • Attached to bottom (e.g., anemones, corals)
    • Move over seafloor (e.g., crabs, snails)

    Rocky shores subdivisions include:

    Spray and Upper Tide Zone
    • Harsh environment - few organisms
    • Experiences large temperature and salinity changes
    • Both Marine and Land Predators
    Middle Tide Zone (Transition Zone)
    • More Species Diversity
    • More Organisms, most move with the tides
    • Seaweeds, limpets, chitons, mussels attached to rocks
    Low tide zone
    • Life is easy here!
    • Stable temp/salinity
    • Lots of Species Diversity
    • Space is limited

    Tide Pool at Point Lobos SP, CA
    Figure 15.61. Rocky shore tide pool (Point Lobos, CA).

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