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13.7: Macroscopic Marine Algae (Seaweeds)

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    Macroscopic Marine Algae (Seaweeds)

    Although in terms of ocean biomass, they are relatively insignificant compared to microscopic planktonic forms, however, they fill important niches is marine ecosystems, often found attached to the seabed offshore or extending up into the intertidal zone.

    Brown algae: Occur in temperate or cooler waters.
    Kelp and Sargassum are examples.
    Can be attached to bottom like kelp or encrusting mostly in the intertidal zone.
    The Sargasso Sea in the North Atlantic gets its names for large patches of sargassum floating in the open ocean.

    Green algae: Mostly attached to bottom.
    Sea lettuce, sea grass, and dead mans fingers are examples.

    Red algae: These are encrusting or sometimes branching in the near-shore environment. Very hardy.

    kelp2.jpg sargassum.jpg green_algaes.jpg red_algae.jpg
    Figure 13.12. Kelp Figure 13.13. Sargassum Figure 13.14. Green algae Figure 13.15. Red algae

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