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1.36: Metamorphic Rocks

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    Metamorphic Rocks

    • Metamorphic rocks are formed by “changing” pre-existing igneous, sedimentary or other metamorphic rocks.
    * Metamorphic processes involve changes caused by exposure to heat, pressure, and chemically-active fluids.
    • Driving forces are increased heat and pressure as rocks are buried deep into the earth in association with mountain-building periods.
    • They typically develop a fabric or texture that differentiates it from the original rock it formed from (called a protolith).
    • Commonly found in ancient crustal rocks exposed in mountain ranges and in the core of continental landmasses.

    Examples: quartzite, slate, marble, gneiss, schist, and serpentinite (the State Rock of California)

    Metamorphic RocksFigure 1.96. Common metamorphic rocks

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