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16: Glaciation (Exercises)

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    Q16.1 Pleistocene Glacials and Interglacials

    Describe the nature of temperature change that followed each of these glacial periods.

    In each case the temperature drops slowly building to a peak of glaciation, and then each of the glacial periods is followed by a very rapid increase in temperature.

    The current interglacial (Holocene) is marked with an H. Point out the previous five interglacial periods.

    The previous 5 interglacials are labelled 1 to 5 on the diagram below. Interglacial 2 had two distinct warm episodes.



    Q16.2 Ice Advance and Retreat


    Glacial advance (top) and retreat (bottom) [SE]

    The red dots show the new positions of the markers.

    Q16.3 Identify Glacial Erosion Features

    1. col
    2. arête
    3. horn
    4. cirque
    5. truncated spur (other arêtes are labelled below)


    [SE after]

    Q16.4 Identify Glacial depositional environments


    [SE after USGS at

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