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Tutorial - Table of Contents and Page Organization

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    This page is created for you to practice some page editing tools.

    Turn on TOC

    Turn on the Table of Contents (TOC) for this page by opening page settings (at the top) (click on the +).

    Then select the arrow by  Show Page TOC: and toggle to YES to turn TOC on.

    (Click on the - by “page settings” to close the page settings.)

    Create Page Sections (items in the TOC)

    • Choose EDIT mode

    • Select the words "Turn on TOC" above and with the text selected, choose HEADING from the blue task bar (a few items to the right of SAVE).

    • Pick H1 Heading 1

    • Select "Create Page Sections" above and repeat, choosing H1 Heading 1

    • SAVE!!

    Create a sub-section 

    In EDIT mode, select "Create a sub-section" and make it a heading, choosing  H2 Heading 2.  SAVE!!



    After saving click the TOC on (upper right of page), and see your headings there.  Try clicking on them.

    Notice you can choose the pencil next to a heading to edit just that section.

    Tutorial - Table of Contents and Page Organization is shared under a not declared license and was authored, remixed, and/or curated by LibreTexts.

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