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Geophysics is everywhere in geology...

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    Introduction to Geophysics provides a solid foundation in fundamental concepts from physics (diffusion, gravity, wave propagation), material science (rheology), scientific computing (basic programming, data analysis) and geophysics (plate tectonics, gravity, seismology, earthquakes) that are essential to multiple sub-topics in Earth and Planetary Sciences. The emphasis in the course is on the underlying physical concepts and how these are applied in a geological context.

    This book is currently (2020) under active construction. The contents of the book are based on Magali Billen's teaching notes for the Introduction to Geophysics course that she teaches at UC Davis. In 2019, undergraduate student Taryn Lausch worked as an intern to enter these notes, with all the equations and figures, into the LibreTexts format. At this point, the context and applications for each of the topics is still limited and providing this is the active work taking place while I am teaching with this book during Spring and Fall 2020. I am also looking for typos or other errors, so if you find some, please let me know. Future plans are to include more example problems and python notebooks for the example problems.

    This page titled Geophysics is everywhere in geology... is shared under a CC BY-SA license and was authored, remixed, and/or curated by Magali Billen.