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18: Geology of the Oceans (Exercises)

Q18.1 Visualizing sea-floor topography

1) see map, below

2) This is the area between the southern tip of South America (Cape Horn) and the Antarctic Peninsula. The body of water between the two is the Drake Passage.

Q18.2 The age of subducting crust

1) The oldest is in the southeast and is greater than 8 Ma (see map below).

2) The youngest is in the north and is close to 0 Ma.


Q18.3 What type of sediment

  1. a) siliceous ooze or clay, b) carbonate ooze, c) siliceous ooze or clay, d) coarse terrigenous or carbonate ooze


Q18.4 Salt chuck

No answer possible

Q18.5 Understanding the Coriolis effect

No answer