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9: Earth’s Interior (Exercises)

Q9.1 How Soon Will Seismic Waves Get Here?

Times shown for velocity of 5km/s.


Time (s) Location/distance Time (s) Location/distance Time (s)
Nanaimo (120 km) 24 s Surrey (200 km) 40 s Kamloops (390 km)

78 s

Q9.2 Liquid Cores in Other Planets

S-wave shadow zones used to determine the extent of a liquid core [SE]

Q9.3 What Does Your Magnetic Dip Meter Tell You?

Vertical orientation General location Vertical orientation General location
Straight down North pole Up at a shallow angle Southern hemisphere, near the equator
Down at a steep angle Northern hemisphere, near the pole Parallel to the ground Equator

Q9.4 Rock Density and Isostasy

Rock densities [SE]