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6.1: Introduction to Tectonic Forces

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  • Learning Outcomes

    This chapter has several goals and objectives:

    • Describe the causes of tectonic stress and how they influence earthquakes and volcanoes.
    • Understand where earthquakes and volcanoes are located around the world and why.
    • Explain geologic structures that lead to folding and faulting of the physical landscape.
    • Determine how the composition of magma determines the explosiveness of the volcanic eruption.
    • Describe the various types of fault lines and volcanoes and the landforms they form.

    Essential Questions

    • Could humans live in places along the Wasatch Front without the Wasatch fault and the earthquakes it causes?
    • How does plate tectonics explain where and why earthquakes and volcanoes occur where they do?
    • What role do earthquakes and volcanoes have on civilization? What benefits do they bring us?
    • How could understanding Earth’s tectonic forces help save lives?
    • What beneficial roles do tectonic forces have ecologically and for humanity?
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