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10: Plate Tectonics (Exercises)

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  • Q10.1 Fitting the Continents Together

    Pangea [SE]

    Q10.2 Volcanoes and the Rate of Plate Motion

    Pacific Plate rates of motion [SE]

    Q10.3 Paper Transform Fault Model

    No answer possible

    Q10.4 A Different Type of Transform Fault

    Juan de Fuca and Explorer Plates [SE]

    The Juan de Fuca Plate is moving faster than the Explorer Plate, which means that the Juan de Fuca Plate is sliding past the Explorer Plate. There is side-by-side relative motion on this plate boundary, and that makes it a transform fault.

    Q10.5 Getting to Know the Plates and Their Boundaries [SE]

    The extents of the Earth’s major plates [SE]

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