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Ocean Acidification

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    Ocean Acidification

    Ocean acidification is the change in pH of seawater due to the oceans absorbing carbon dioxide emissions to the atmosphere.


    Why does ocean acidification happen?



    • Impacts on ocean life & ecosystems
      • Examples of impacted organisms
        • Invertebrates
          • Corals 
          • Pteropods
          • Oysters, Mussels, Clams
          • Urchins
        • Fish
        • Foraminifera
      • Examples of ecosystem scale responses
      • Interactions with other stressors (multistressor)
        • hypoxia
        • changes in salinity



    Multimedia Sources: (Coral acidification)

    Excellent, general introductory video:    (source: Alliance for Climate Change, youtube)


    OA pH Graph:

    Videos in the news section for multimedia -
    Video -
    Maps -