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Context - Where the data come from

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  • The Curiosity rover is run by NASA's Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) in Gale Crater, Mars. The images in this virtual field trip are from Bagnold Dunes, which the MSL (including Dawn Sumner - our field trip leader) team named after Ralph Alger Bagnold whose research on the physics of windblown sand laid the foundations for understanding eolian processes. The Curiosity rover had to drive very far west from its landing site to find a path through these active dunes - we don't want to get Curiosity either stuck in the sand (no tow trucks) or sand blasted by saltating sand. We have studied the dunes in two different areas with several sites at each area.

    images needed:

    1. Gale Crater
    2. HiRISE of landing area
    3. HiRISE of Curiosity at dunes with names of dunes and study sites marked
    4. Selfie of Curiosity in front of the first dune

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