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    • Lab 1: Broome Town Beach Sample Descriptions
    • Lab 1: Lake Wanaka Area Samples
    • Lab 3: Sedimentary Structures
      The style of cross stratification that is preserved in a rock depends on the shape of the bedform, which direction it is migrating, and the amount of sediment left behind (deposited). You have a number of different examples of cross stratification in the lab samples. Here, you can use some movies and look at photos of additional samples to interpret the types of bedforms that created the cross stratification in your samples.
    • Lab 5: Carbonates
      Organisms produce a large volume of carbonate sediments, so it is important to know what is living in different carbonate environments. James Bishop has assembled these links to the organisms he observed in areas where he collected the Bahamian sediments you look at in this lab. Use these photos to help you interpret the sediments.