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7.2: Lake Wanaka Area Samples

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  • Interpretation of Lake Wanaka Area Samples

    I collected a suite of samples for your lab from the Lake Wanaka area, New Zealand. This is a mountainous area with glaciers, mountain streams, braided rivers, and Lake Wanaka. The samples came from stream and river bars, with the exception of sample LW-10-5, which came from either a glacier morraine or a landslide deposit. It represents typical source sediment that is being eroded by the rivers (but includes only grains small enough to fit into the sample container). The following links provide context information for the samples.

    You may find this video on Sediment Provenance helpful in answering some of the lab questions.

    Sample locations:


    Samples were collected from these sites: Samples 1-4 GoogleEarth document, Sample 5 GoogleEarth document, Samples 6 and 7 GoogleEarth document, and Samples 8 and 9 GoogleEarth document (all kmz files that you can load into GoogleEarth as place markers)

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