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2. What is life?

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    Mini Lecture:  What are life, death, and ecosystems?


    ·      How and why we classify some things as living

    ·      Changes to Daisyworld

    Game: Daisyworld

    Change the simple Daisyworld into a more complicated game

    ·      Choose an environmental or a biological parameter to add and vary

    ·      Set an objective for the game

    For your group’s change(s), predict:

    ·      How to achieve the objective the fastest

    ·      Cases where the objective can not be achieved, if any

    Analyze the dynamics of your game in terms of positive and negative feedback loops. 

    How can the dynamics be framed in terms of biological competition or cooperation? 

    Key Concepts From This Class:

    ·      Some of the characteristics of living things include: a structure, inheritance, reproduction, and metabolism (energy harvesting).

    ·      Ecosystems are groups of living things that exchange resources and interact with their environment, sometimes changing it dramatically.

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