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12.1: Introduction to Climate Systems and Change

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  • Learning Objectives

    This chapter has several goals and objectives:

    • Explain the controlling factors of global climates.
    • Describe the various global climates and biomes classified using the Koppen Classification System.
    • Analyze Earth’s climatic past and how scientists measure and collect climate data.
    • Describe the causes of short-term and long-term climate change.
    • Determine why the overwhelming majority of scientists believe the current warming of the planet is because of
    • human activity.

    Essential Questions

    • In what ways does climate influence regional culture?
    • What impacts could a changing climate have on local, regional, and international social, economic, and geopolitical stability?
    • Should global environmental issues like climate change be resolved by individuals, nations, or international institutions like the United Nations?
    • What is your worldview on global environmental issues and how they should be addressed?
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