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15: Thunderstorm Hazards

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  • The basics of thunderstorms were covered in the previous chapter. Here we cover thunderstorm hazards:

    • hail and heavy rain,
    • downbursts and gust fronts,
    • lightning and thunder
    • tornadoes and mesocyclones.

    Two other hazards were covered in the previous chapter: turbulence and vigorous updrafts.

    In spite of their danger, thunderstorms can also produce the large-diameter rain drops that enable beautiful rainbows (Fig. 15.1).

    Screen Shot 2020-03-21 at 9.34.21 PM.png
    Figure 15.1 Rainbow under an evening thunderstorm. Updraft in the thunderstorm is compensated by weak subsidence around it to conserve air mass, causing somewhat clear skies that allow rays of sunlight to strike the falling large raindrops.

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